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Q&A: TikTok star Brittany Broski talks coming to Columbia, SEC colleges, 'The Dating Game'

Brittany Broski sat down to talk to us about coming to Columbia, advice on college, some of her favorites places to eat and more. An Aggie at heart, she misses the South and her feelings on coming back to visit.

Brittany Broski is coming to Columbia on Feb. 21 to host USC Carolina Production's "The Dating Game."

Broski is an investment banker turned internet comedian with over 6.5 million followers. This resulted from a video of her drinking Kombucha going viral and getting her fired from her banking job. 

The Daily Gamecock sat down with her virtually before the event to talk.

Q: How does it feel to be coming to USC, coming to Columbia; have you ever been to South Carolina before?

A: You know, it's kind of weird because I went to A&M, and we used to play the Gamecocks. I remember like going to the games and like, in our own way, BOO-ing you guys. So that's my relation to USC so far. I'm actually like so excited to come because I missed the like, Southern college culture. So it'll be nice to be back in it.

Q: You mentioned stand-up. Is that particularly something, you know, as far as this dating game, have you ever done any sort of stand-up in this sort of situation, or I assume you probably haven't done any dating games?

A: No, never done a dating game. I posted a few things and MC-ed and you know, pretty, like comfortable in that environment, but actual stand up, now I've got a few spots coming up, which I'm excited about. But yeah, this'll be a piece of cake. It's just me and my Gamecock besties.

Q: Drawing back to Texas A&M, if you could say something to your Texas A&M self, what would it be?

A: If I could say something to my college self. You know, I graduated in three years, and I wish I'd stayed for four because I had like credits that tested me out of a whole year and like it was saving my parents money and I was like 'slay,' like three years is fine. But especially in Southern schools... you've earned it when you get to be a senior. And I missed out on that because I had like a 'jenior' year... So I wish I'd stayed for longer. 

Q: You mentioned Southern schools, have you have you spent any other time in the South? Is there anything else you miss about the South?

A: Oh, I missed everything about the South, other than like the racism and the right-wing policies and all that. Every time I go back it's this weird thing, like I go back to Texas and I'm like, 'you know, I miss Wataburger' and all that sort of stuff, like the food... I missed that because the West Coast is so f***ing different! It's so different! It was culture shock for me at first. So yeah, I guess it's just a certain like, if you get it, you get it, you know, like BIG 12, SEC, you get it or you don't — that whole culture around it. 

Q: Sort of thinking of Columbia and thinking of USC, what did you think when Gamecocks here reached out to you?

A: Oh, I was kind of like, "Really? huh me?" because I'm sure I've probably, any school that isn't A&M. I'm like "Sucks! Sucks!" but there is a certain camaraderie with especially like, on the West coast being in L.A. when I meet someone who went to like a Southern school. It's just like a connection. So I'm hyped. I'm very excited.

Q: Is there any advice you would give to college-aged people whether they're aspiring to be online creators or not?

A: First of all — don't. Second of all, if you really want to, have a backup plan because this is so like, fate of the universe sort of stuff, like I couldn't have predicted this. I think it's purely luck... I really don't think people should pursue this as a career. I think my number one advice to college kids is: network... The most important thing you will get from college is your connections. Oh my god. Please network, like go to the job fairs, join organizations, like that is literally, that's how you do it in this day and age.

Q: Do you have any sort of favorite Southern food? 

A: Yeah, black-eyed peas and cabbage... I love chicken and dumplings. I love biscuits and gravy, anything that is gonna immediately send me to the bathroom. I'm here for it. Like anything that required a full stick of butter to cook. I'm here for it.

Q: Now living in L.A., do you have, out of the five sort of main burger competitors, do you have a preference? 

A: In-n-Out? Bad. Astro Burger? Bad. Um, what the f**ck else is out here? Karl's Jr.? Bad. Burger King? Bad. I miss Whataburger burger. And honestly if I want to get like a burger, I'm going to go to, like there's a lot of black-owned like burger restaurants here and they're fantastic. Like I'm going to go to a place like that, like go sit down and eat a burger, like not like fast food.