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New student body executive officers, student senate sworn in at inauguration

Student body president-elect Reedy Newton inaugurated by constitutional council chief justice Robert Cathcart on March 24, 2022.
Student body president-elect Reedy Newton inaugurated by constitutional council chief justice Robert Cathcart on March 24, 2022.

The new Student Government executive officers and senators were sworn in at an inauguration held at Rutledge Chapel on Thursday night, March 24. 

Student Body President Reedy Newton, Vice President Maia Porzio and Speaker of the Student Senate Noah Glasgow all gave their first addresses in office after being sworn in. The outgoing officers were also acknowledged in the proceedings. 

Newton said the university was in a time of great change, between the ongoing pandemic and a new university president, among other new administrators. 

“This time of change for our university has incredible potential for our future. And while change may be uncomfortable, and we are uncertain of all the things that we may face as an organization this year, I am certain that we are ready and willing to do what is best for the student body,” Newton said. 

Newton said she would be working to improve advising, parking and mental health services on campus for students. She also said wanted to improve transparency and “bring back that sense of family and community” within Student Government. 

Porzio said she could remember calling her parents when she first met the Student Body President and Vice President as a freshman. 

“Looking back, I never saw myself as someone who would be in their roles. It felt like the ultimate accomplishment on this campus and I knew that couldn't possibly be me,” Porzio said. “Standing here on the stage today, I can only imagine what my freshman year self would say if they’d only known I'd become the leader I was once awestruck by.” 

The 114th Student Senate members were also sworn in during the ceremony. In his inaugural address, Speaker Noah Glasgow said the newly-sworn in senate was one of the most diverse in the university’s history. 

“What some people have said is an issue, but what I consider a cause for celebration of: a body of lots of women and effeminate men,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow also reflected on being the first openly-LGBT Speaker of the Student Senate. 

“While I may be the first openly-LGBT Speaker of the Student Senate, I will not be the last. Because every student here today sees that this is a university of opportunity,” Glasgow said. 

The newly sworn in executives said they were looking forward to working together in the coming term.   

Dr. Dennis Pruitt, Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice Provost, opened the inauguration in place of interim President Harris Pastides. Pruitt said Pastides was unable to attend due to prior commitments made before he took the interim position. 

“I just want to say to the executive leaders and to the student senate: you have an opportunity to be a piece of something that's bigger than yourself. You have an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the university. You have an opportunity to grow as a person and to have an impact on the individual life every day in the work you do,” Pruitt said. 

The inauguration ended with the singing of the alma mater. 


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