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Student senate introduces 5 new pieces of legislation, passes 2 in lengthy Wednesday session

USC's student senate had another busy session on Wednesday that included the introduction of five new pieces of legislation and the passage of two others.

The new pieces of legislation included a bill to reform the structure of the Greek Relations committee in the student body president’s cabinet, a recommendation to reinstall busts that were previously present in the South Caroliniana Library, a recommendation to begin passing the "forever to thee" banner down the student section at home football games again, another round of student organization funding allocations and a joint resolution with the Residence Hall Association supporting the creation of a new student union building.

The first bill, SBL11530, was made to "amend the codes regarding the structure of the Greek Relations cabinet committee.” The bill would ensure that each major fraternity and sorority council — the IFC, NPHC, MGC and CPA — will have a liaison on the committee within the student body president’s executive cabinet. 

The bill would also prohibit the president from appointing a replacement member that is not from a major Greek Life council to the committee should a member resign or be removed. 

Senator Tyler Morgan, who is sponsoring the bill, said that the legislation is important because the president currently appoints all members to the Greek Relations committee. Morgan said students who are members of Greek organizations are worried that if a future student body president is hostile to Greek Life, then their voices will not be heard.

The people who came to me, they were saying, ‘We've been fortunate that we've had presidents in the past who have been not necessarily pro-Greek Life but understand Greek Life,'" Morgan said. "Our fear is that if a president who is not in Greek Life, so is therefore ambivalent to Greek Life, or even worse yet, hostile to Greek Life, they can appoint anyone, and that would undermine us and our community,” Morgan said. 

The bill was referred to the judiciary committee for further review and discussion. 

Another piece of legislation introduced, SBL11534, is a joint resolution passed with the Residence Hall Association that supports the creation of a new student union building and encourages the involvement of student organizations in the expansion plans. 

Speaker pro tempore Ian Herd said the joint resolution is important because it showcases the collaboration between various student organizations to advocate for a better space for future members of the student body.

Our joint resolution with RHA is important because it recognizes the collaboration between students and the university necessary to ensure that the next generation of Gamecocks have a student union that facilitates their desires, their needs and, most importantly, their community as a student body,” Herd said. 

The resolution was referred to the student life committee.

Morgan also introduced SBL11531, which is a recommendation to university officials to reinstall the busts of prominent historical figures that have influenced the university in the South Caroliniana Library. 

“It's about educating people, but it's also about reminding people. The history of our university, I think, is the reason why we stand where we are now as an institution,” Morgan said. 

The recommendation was referred to the academics committee for further debate and discussion.

The fourth piece of legislation introduced, SBL11532, is a recommendation to reinstate the tradition of passing the "forever to thee" banner down the student section before the start of home football games, which Morgan said is a cherished part of the game day experience.  The legislation was passed on the student life committee.

The final piece of legislation introduced was SBL11533, which is the weekly bill that allocates funds for various student organizations. This week’s bill allocated $4,400 to the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and was unanimously passed  by voice vote. 

SBL11526, which recommends the painting of the Gamecock logo on the soccer field at Eugene E. Stone III Stadium, passed unanimously

The senate passed two new pieces of legislation — a recommendation to repaint the Gamecock logo on the field of the Eugene E. Stone III Stadium and a recommendation to install a permanent hyperlink to Garnet Gate on Blackboard — both of which were referred to committee last week.  

Senator Chandler Caulder, who sponsored the bill, said he spoke to members of the men’s soccer team as well as university alumni who said “it would be really great to have a Gamecock back on the field.”

SBL11527, which would allow a permanent link to Garnet Gate to be installed on Blackboard, also passed unanimously.

Senator Bryson Peterson, talked to the sneate about the recommendation on the floor and said that having the link on Blackboard would allow Garnet Gate to be a more accessible tool for new students. 

The link to Garnet Gate will go into effect at the start of 2024 spring semester.


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