The Daily Gamecock

Playlist: Moody Midwest emo tunes for your late-night winter walks

February is fast approaching, and you're starting to need warmer layers every day to ward off the air's cold chill. The pitch darkness outside when you leave for class in the evening or go out for dinner creates a dreary atmosphere. While the freezing temperatures may damper your Gamecock spirit, listening to some good music to match the mood can make you feel better.

Midwest emo bands have the perfect whiny lyrics to accompany your walk in the dark from that class that doesn’t get out until dinner time. Enjoy these moody tunes from The Front Bottoms, Mom Jeans and other somber bands that are as bitter as the weather outside.

"Never Meant" — American Football

"12 Feet Deep" — The Front Bottoms

"Scott Pilgrim vs. My GPA" — Mom Jeans.

"Friday Night Placebo" — Sidney Gish

"The Sun" — Tigers Jaw

"Acolyte" — Slaughter Beach, Dog

"Flashlight" — The Front Bottoms

"Edward 40hands" — Mom Jeans. 

"Art School Wannabe" — Sorority Noise

"Fine Bone China" — General Shrubs

"Laugh Till I Cry" — The Front Bottoms

"Comeuppance" — Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold

"Queens V Dudley" — Bits of Alan

"Smokey Eyes" — Lincoln

"Far Drive" — The Front Bottoms

"Next to You" — Macseal

"Moth Man" — Dirty Bynum

"It’s Ok I Wouldn’t Remember Me Either" — Crywank

"Let’s Talk About Your Hair" — Have Mercy

"Knee Deep at ATP" — Lovejoy

"Joanie" — The Front Bottoms

"all about you" — see through person

"beep boop" — Frat Mouse

"Angel Eyes and Basketball" — Foot Ox

"Santa Monica" — The Front Bottoms

"Grant Wasserstien" — Frat Mouse