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Recipe: Easy Crock-Pot chili to fuel your spring semester

It’s that time of year when you don't want to go out in the cold to get dinner, but you don’t want to spend all evening cooking or spend the money to order delivery either. It can be easy to resort to microwave meals, but a homemade meal is always better.

Chili is a great winter dish with hearty ingredients to keep you fueled through the beginning of the semester. Here is an easy, affordable dump-and-go crockpot chili recipe to keep you warm through the last of these cold months.

Cook Time: Four to six hours


-1 pound of ground beef

-1 yellow onion

-1 jar of marinara sauce

-1 Tbsp of chili powder

-1 can of pinto beans

-1 can of diced tomatoes

-Minced garlic




  1. Brown the ground beef in a pan on medium-high heat.
  2. Chop the yellow onion into bite sized pieces. 
  3. Mix the beef, onions, marinara sauce, chili powder, pinto beans and diced tomatoes in a Crock-Pot or another slow cooker.
  4. Add garlic, salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Cook on low heat for four to six hours.
  6. Serve it up! This should yield about six easy meals!