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Playlist: Did I just write the song of the summer?

Indie creators have been taking to social media platforms such as TikTok to promote their original music with short, catchy videos. In 2021, it became a trend for these creators to promote their pop songs by asking the question, “Did I just write the song of the summer?” Three years later, this trend has become a joke that many comedic creators make fun of for being unoriginal and cliche.

This playlist will introduce you to many cheesy pop songs that might just be considered the “song of the summer.” Ranging from well-composed songs, such as “One More Weekend” by Maude Latour and “Like or Like Like” by Miniature Tigers to more formulaic songs, such as “A Song for Summer” by Noah Floersch and “Kids on Fire” by Brennan, this playlist will get you in the mood for the warm weather headed Columbia’s way. 

“A Song for Summer” — Noah Floersch

“Sanity for Summer” — City Mouth

“Festival Grrrl” — Ivy Mono

“If It Wasn’t (For You)” — Jacob Noah

“Briggs” — Mike Mains & The Branches

“Kill the Sun” — Motherfolk

“Kids On Fire” — Brennan

“On Your Mind” — Noah Floersch

“1922” — Box the Oxford

“Portland” — Bowling Shoes


“It’s Us Again” — Mark Ambor

“Stella Brown” — Jelani Aryeh 

“Heavenly” — Shoobies 

“Like or Like Like” — Miniature Tigers

“One More Weekend” — Maude Latour

“Alice” — Vista Kicks

“Without You” — Davis Gestiehr

“Dance Alone” — Tayla Parx

“Amy” — Radio Fantasy

“Shake Me Up” — HOUNDS

“Fairy Tale” — Homemade Haircuts

“Summer Fantasy” — Williams*

“Straight Ahead” — Dom Fera