The Briefing | Mar. 30, 2020 SGTV

A new pass/fail option being considered, SC beaches closed, federal social distancing guidelines extended, and an update on Europe - on this episode of The Briefing.

The Briefing | Mar. 27, 2020 SGTV

Student Government inauguration, Columbia's Stay-at-Home Ordinance, 100,000 US COVID-19 cases, and how the world is thanking health workers - this time on The Briefing.

The Briefing | Mar. 25, 2020 SGTV

A new date for graduation, the new SC order for people from out of the state, and Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19 - this time on The Briefing.

Luke Rankin's 2020 State of the Student Body Address SGTV

Student Body President Luke Ranking addresses the student body from home in the 2020 State of the Student Body Address.

The Briefing | Mar. 23, 2020 SGTV

McMaster's new executive order, the latest from Washington DC, and more on the future of the Tokyo Olympics — this time on The Briefing.

Transition to Online Classes | SGTV News 4 SGTV

People are wondering how the transition to online classes is going to go. News 4's Spencer Buckler asked two USC professors what students can expect.

The Briefing | Mar. 20, 2020 SGTV

Check out The Briefing, the all-new podcast from SGTV News 4. Tune in for the day's biggest stories while our regular programming is suspended.

COVID-19 and Business in Columbia | SGTV News 4 SGTV

Today SC Governor Henry McMaster announced that restaurants and bars had to close their dining rooms. News 4's Lydia Blackstone has reaction from Columbia businesses.

Coronavirus Outbreak Leaves USC Empty | SGTV News 4 SGTV

In an unprecedented turn of events, the expanding COVID-19 outbreak forced the closure of all USC campuses and sent home all students and non-essential staff-members. SGTV News 4's Ward Jolles has the latest.

Coronavirus Brings Home Students Abroad | SGTV News 4 SGTV

After the recent coronavirus outbreak in Italy, study abroad programs are pulling USC students and bringing them home. SGTV News 4 Reporter Olivia Brown has the latest.

President Trump Rally | SGTV News 4 SGTV

Lydia Blackstone was on site for President Trump's Rally in North Charleston on the eve of the South Carolina Primary

Bernie Sanders: Get Out The Vote Rally | SGTV News 4 SGTV

As the South Carolina primary elections take place tomorrow, Senator Bernie Sanders makes his way to Columbia to address his supporters. News 4 Reporter, Justin Walsh has the details.

Friday Morning Live | Feb. 28, 2020 SGTV

On this episode of Friday Morning Live, we've got the latest Columbia, sports, and entertainment news. Also, the Greenhouse Concert Series is back for the first time this semester!

SG Election Results and Social Media Aftermath SGTV

Issy Rushton and Hannah White were elected student body president and vice president on Wednesday. But this didn't come without drama on social media... from all sides.

SGTV News 4 at 7 | Feb. 24, 2020 SGTV

Catch up with the latest news on SGTV News 4 at 7!

SGTV News 4 B&W Commercial SGTV

Check out our newest commercial!

Weatherman On The Street | SGTV News 4 SGTV

SGTV News 4's Bryce Glenn went out on Greene St. to get students' input on the weather.

Friday Morning Live | Feb. 21, 2020 SGTV

This week on Friday Morning Live we've got the latest Columbia, sports, and entertainment news. We're also joined by 2020 candidate for USC Student Body Treasurer, Caden Askew, for a live interview. You don't want to miss it.

Mayberry Crawford | SGTV News 4 SGTV

SGTV News 4's Cade Crenshaw got an inside look at the Mayberry Crawford campaign as Sam Mayberry runs for Student Body President alongside Zach Crawford.

SGTV Weekly News February 20th, 2020 | SGTV News 4 SGTV

Tune in for the latest news on this week's edition of SGTV Weekly News with Spencer Buckler.