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From The Daily Gamecock lifestyle staff, The Squawk is a podcast about all things Gamecock life and pop culture. 

Join Arts and Culture Editor Stephen Pastis and Co-Engagement Director Noah Trainor as they interview noteworthy guests, bring takes on the latest entertainment, and provide updates on what's happening in student life at the University of South Carolina.

The Squawk was created by Managing Editor Michael Sauls, and the artwork and music were created by Stephen Pastis. 

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Redefining Normal Print Edition & Reacting to Cocaine Bear

In honor of the Daily Gamecock's recent print edition, Redefining Normal, Max and Noah have a thoughtful discussion on how mental health issues have impacted their lives, its effect on campus, and what resources or options students might have. In a stark vibe shift, they then react to and review the new film from Elizabeth Banks, Cocaine Bear.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania w/ Dylan Jackson

Max and Noah are joined by Dylan Jackson to debate the merits of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, how Marvel can get its story back on track and the blockbuster VFX problem currently facing the entertainment industry.

Knock at the Cabin & 80 for Brady

Max and Noah are ready to lead a 28-3 comeback as they discuss the surprisingly good film '80 for Brady.' Then, they dive deep into the latest from M Night Shyamalan, Knock at the Cabin.

Breaking Down James Gunn's Future of DC w/ Jacob Phillips

Daily Gamecock Sports Editor and DC comics superfan, Jacob Phillips, joins Max and Noah to break down the recent announcement of DC's upcoming film slate.

Breaking Down the 2023 Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations have been released! Noah and Max are here to go category by category and discuss the snubs, surprises, and narratives surrounding this year's batch of Hollywood's biggest awards.

Top 10 Movies & TV of 2022 and What We Loved About 'The Last of Us' Premiere

In our season 3 premiere, Max and Noah discuss HBO's surprisingly successful TV adaptation of the acclaimed video game, 'The Last of Us.' Then they run down the best in movies and television from 2022, receive a visit from Mike Ehrmantraut, and more.

In our season 3 premiere, Max and Noah discuss HBO's surprisingly successful TV adaptation of the acclaimed video game, 'The Last of Us.' Then they run down the best in movies and television from 2022, receive a visit from Mike Ehrmantraut, and more.

Semester Finale: Slippery Vinyl, The Fabelmans, and a Spielberg Retrospective w/ Evan Savage

Stowie Productions' Evan Savage joins the pod to discuss his and Noah's new short film Slippery Vinyl, discussing what it's like to be on an indie film set. Then, Noah, Max, Stephen, and Evan all share their ranking of Spielberg's filmography and what he means to them as a director. Finally, Noah and Evan discuss Spielberg's new film The Fabelmans, and Stephen makes an announcement.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

It's that time of the year, when a new Marvel film comes out and Noah, Stephen, and Max inevitably disagree on its merits. This week we hash out what works and what doesn't about the latest MCU installment, "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." Apologies once again for audio issues, they are fixed about 10 minutes into the episode and we are working to fix them for the future!

"Switching Seasons" & "Banshees of Inisherin" w/ Michael Sauls

Daily Gamecock Managing Editor Michael Sauls joins The Squawk to discuss the new print edition "Switching Seasons," breaking down everything happening in winter sports at UofSC. Then, Stephen, Noah, and Max unwrap their reactions to Martin McDonagh's latest film, "The Banshees of Inisherin." P.S. The first several minutes suffer from some audio issues, so Stephen and Max's voices are quiet. It is fixed around the 7 minute mark!

'Mold U' and 'Tár' w/ Sean Young

Carolina Judicial Council and Gamecock Filmmakers Sean Young join Stephen, Noah, and Max to discuss the Daily Gamecock and Post and Courier's collaborative investigation into the struggles with mold in campus living spaces. Then, they discuss Todd Field's new film 'Tár' and why it's our favorite movie of the year so far. Finally, we announce Max will be joining more regularly as a part-time co-host!

A Farewell to Of's

This week Noah and Stephen celebrate a monumental week in Gamecock history. The university has decided to get rid of the "of" in "UofSC" and Gamecock football is ranked! All that, plus some last-minute horror movie recommendations and an extended discussion on the fast food scene of Columbia.

The Horror Movie Performances Draft w/ Max White

To celebrate October and "spooky season," Noah, Stephen, and returning guest Max White challenge each other to a game of drafting their favorite performances in horror movies. They select and debate eight categories ranging from "Hero" to "Killer" to "Wildcard," in an effort to see who has the best taste. To help decide our winner, follow @thesquawk_ on Twitter to vote!

"Andor" w/ Tyler Fedor

This week, Daily Gamecock Managing Editor Tyler Fedor joins the crew to talk about the new Star Wars show "Andor." They discuss what makes it special compared to other Disney+ shows and more.

"With Pride" w/ Caleb Bozard & Amelia Farrell

On this week's episode, The Daily Gamecock's Caleb Bozard & Amelia Farrell join to discuss the stories, creation, and journey of the recently released "With Pride" print edition. Together, they break down the history of LGBT issues on campus, highlight triumphs in the local community, and more.

A Ken Burns Documentary Hits Campus & Our Fall Entertainment Preview

In this week's episode, Stephen and Noah discuss the premiere of A Ken Burns' "The U.S. and the Holocaust" on campus and Columbia's recent Greek festival. Then, they go through a rundown of everything in pop culture they're looking forward to this fall and note what will be covered on the show in the coming weeks. The Squawk is hosted by Noah Trainor and Stephen Pastis. This episode was produced by [NAME]. The artwork and music were created by Stephen Pastis.

Emmys Reactions w/ Amelia Farrell

Stephen, Noah, and Daily Gamecock Assistant Arts & Culture editor Amelia Farrell react to the most surprising and disappointing Emmy results from Monday's ceremony. Then, they share what they're most looking forward to in pop culture this fall.

A Passionate Appreciation of "Better Call Saul" w/ Audrey Elsberry

On this week’s episode of the Squawk, Stephen, Noah, and guest Audrey Elsberry discuss T-Pain coming to Columbia for Cockstock. Then, they break down every aspect of Better Call Saul’s final season and why it's the best TV show of the year.

Summer catch-up and "House of the Dragon"

The boys are back in town — for the newest season of The Squawk. Strap in for the latest episode of Noah and Stephen talking movies for longer than they meant to. The duo also catch up on their summer, discuss Columbia news and review some popular culture you might’ve missed, especially their thoughts on the new show, "House of the Dragon."

Stranger Things 4 & Adam Sandler's "Hustle" w/ Andrew Stokes

In our loopiest episode ever, Noah sits down with Stranger Things and NBA super-fan Andrew Stokes. They discuss the finale of Stranger Things 4, what Adam Sandler's "Hustle" gets right about the modern NBA, and Noah shares his quick thoughts on what "Thor: Love and Thunder" tells us about the current state of the MCU.

The Insanity of "Elvis" and Floorgate w/ Caleb Bozard and Max White

The craziest movie of the year, Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis," hit theaters last weekend. Join Noah and guests Caleb Bozard & Max White as they break down the performances from Tom Hanks and Austin Butler, Elvis' influences and legacy, who the ugliest Beatle is, and whether or not Max needs to clean his kitchen floor.

"Top Gun: Maverick" arrives w/ Max White 

To kick off our summer semester at the Squawk, Noah and guest Max White discuss what entertainment they've been catching up on and preview what summer content will look like for The Daily Gamecock. Then, they review two recent films released in theaters, Alex Garland's horror film "Men" and "Top Gun: Maverick," starring of course, the immortal Tom Cruise.

Semester Finale: Gamecock Exclusive w/ Darius Rucker and the Great Scorsese Debate w/ Michael Sauls

For our special semester finale, listen through for a Gamecock exclusive with Darius Rucker from Stephen about his upcoming concert and more. Noah and Stephen also bring on creator and coordinator, Michael Sauls, a managing editor for The Gamecock to talk — and maybe poke fun — at Marvel movies, Goodfellas, and our newest print edition.

Tokyo Vice and hot takes w/ Audrey Elsberry and Ian Grenier

On this week’s episode, Stephen and Noah are joined by the Gamecock’s opinion editors. They talk all the important local news like changes to the board of trustees, Darius Rucker’s surprise, the WBB parade and Birdcage. Most importantly, we have the Michael Segment where they talk Michael Mann to Michael Bay. It’s everything, everywhere all at once, including the recent movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

Morbius Mania and Gamecock WBB Sweep the Nation w/ Lawson Murrell

In today's episode, Stephen and Noah discuss the recent superhero film misstep that is Jared Leto's Morbius, play a real or fake quote game, and hash out their feelings on the superhero genre at large. Then, Daily Gamecock sports editor Lawson Murrell joins to recap his eventful weekend covering the Gamecock Women's Basketball National Championship in Minneapolis.

Recap the Slap 2022 & Bob Dylan Comes to Columbia

For the inaugural episode of The Squawk, Stephen and Noah discuss all the drama of the latest Oscars, including Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, Licorice Pizza getting shut out, and the night’s biggest snubs. All that, plus a discussion on some local arts coverage, where we talk about Bob Dylan’s visit to Columbia and the local trend of birria tacos.


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