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Column: Bisexual community faces erasure, lacks accurate representation

Bisexual erasure is a prevalent issue in the bisexual community, which undermines and overlooks an important aspect of a person's identity. By raising awareness, there will be a greater understanding that a person's sexual orientation is not "just a phase" or experimentation, but a part of who they are — that should be celebrated. 

 The banana and berry bowl is a a light meal that is packed with antioxidants. This bowl can be altered to fit one's personal taste. 

Recipe of the week: Banana berry bowl

Looking for a new morning routine? Start your day off energized with this banana berry bowl. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants and fresh ingredients, you can't go wrong with a homemade blend of fruits. 

Playlist of the week: Jet jams

Even if you aren't traveling this break, take the time to go on airplane mode. Turn your brain and music on autopilot as you listen to this playlist of the week. 

Playlist of the week: Scorpio season

Are you prepared for the mystery and intensity associated with the season of the Scorpio? This "Scorpio Season" playlist features songs to bring out your inner strength and face the abyss.