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T-shirt display highlights violence awareness at USC

Student Health Services displayed more than 200 T-shirts painted by students on Greene Street Wednesday in an effort to promote violence awareness. The display itself prompted some students, like third-year visual communications student Denishia Macon, to jump in and lend a hand.  

Atheists share personal reflections in USC panel

Second-year English and French student Michael Lambert, a proud member of the Pastafarians and the Unitarian Universalist church, did not consider himself an atheist when he first came to USC However, when the former Episcopalian and Alabama native finally decided to identify himself as a “nontheist,” it was not because of a moment of sudden clarity or a pivotal revelation.

Five Points surveillance cameras show car break-ins

More than 50 private security cameras are now in the Five Points district, and proponents of the cameras say they’re preventing crime and helping authorities solve cases. The private security cameras, first installed in 2005 and now all over the hospitality district, were brought to the forefront this week after Bruce Miller’s car was broken into and vandalized outside his business, Groucho’s Deli, early Tuesday morning.

USC honored for historic trees with Tree Campus USA honor

In front of McKissick Museum stands a beautiful southern magnolia planted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1954 to honor Gen. Robert E. Lee. David Rembert, professor emeritus of biology, recounts that in 1960 or 1961, when he was an undergraduate student at USC and the tree was just a small sapling, someone, no doubt a Yankee, cut it down.  

SABIO hosts immigration panel

Students Advocating Better Immigration Opportunities hosted a panel on U.S. immigration policy Monday night in the Health Sciences Building. The panel of three USC professors, moderated by organization sponsor and history professor Gabrielle Kuenzli, discussed discrimination against Latino immigrants, how U.S. policy affects immigrant families and South Carolina’s Senate Bill 20, an immigration bill going through the General Assembly that has been likened to Arizona’s immigration law. Carolina Debate Union held a debate following the panel over whether the General Assembly should pass SB20.