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Column: Wellness days are good alternative to spring break

The school's decision to cancel spring break was a smart approach as it will curb the spread of COVID-19 on campus and in the Columbia community. While more wellness days should be implemented, this decision will be beneficial in the long-run since past student behavior can be viewed as reckless.

Column: Big Tech can't be our fact checkers

Twitter and Facebook's attempts at suppressing the New York Post's article about Hunter Biden set a dangerous precedent for Big Tech's role in our media and politics. These companies already have a huge amount of power over the news we see, so we need to think twice before giving them even more.

Democratic Rep. Joe Cunningham of South Carolina addresses the crowd at the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Party State Convention on June 22, 2019, in Columbia, South Carolina.

Column: How Joe Cunningham lost

After shocking South Carolina in 2018 with his upset win in the 1st Congressional District, Joe Cunningham lost his reelection bid in 2020. This loss shows why Democrats can't win by being as moderate as possible.

Head to head: Trump has the right to question the election

Democrats should not complain about Trump's desire to investigate the results of the election and call for recounts in key states, especially because of the reaction to the 2016 election. Many really never accepted those results, and the uncertainty and unprecedented nature of this election with mail-in voting and COVID-19, Trump has every right to call for investigations.