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A graphic of South Carolina congressional districts, who is running in each district and who is running for certain highly anticipated positions on November 8. 

Column: Educate yourself early this voting season

The South Carolina primaries were recently held, it's important for South Carolinians to educate themselves about the elections and all the candidates running. The current polarization of this country is at an all time high and these midterms will be very telling for the future of America. 

The logo for the “Meme and Die” Podcast featuring Muzi0h, Cord_Gamer, and Noc.V. The podcast discusses issues of life, gaming and the internet. 

Column: Support your local creators

Although it is a place of much talent, South Carolina hasn't had the impact on art and pop culture the way other areas have. This could change drastically if supporting local creators became a priority for those who live here. 

Column: Take a gap year after graduation

Your 20s are the years of your life where you are meant to see new places, try new things and take the time to discover who you are or could be. Take a gap year to travel, volunteer, get a part-time job or discover new hobbies.