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In Our Opinion: Parents Weekend gives good look at campus life

Hello parents, and welcome to USC. Rest assured, the tuition you’ve spent has not been in vain. Despite the flashbacks to your own college days of varying rambunctiousness, perhaps triggered by the many nights of unanswered texts to your child, we can assure that great things are indeed happening at USC.

Football not just a man's game

Football is a man’s world, or so says our culture. From birth, it seems little girls may only enter this world with pom-poms in hand or a bow in their hair, cheering on their male counterparts, who dominate the realm of sports media.

Country's censorship incongruous, flawed

Miley Cyrus has dominated pop culture lately with her tantalizing MTV Video Music Awards performance, fascinating tweets and, most recently, an interview with Rolling Stone, in which she questions America’s censorship policy.

Republicans wisely reform, modernize

While most of us were sleeping last night, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz spent all night talking in what may be the strangest “almost but not technically” filibuster you’ll ever see.

Proposed legislation concerning for journalism

What does it mean to be a journalist? The answer largely depends on who you ask. Most people would agree that the hosts of prime-time news shows and reporters for the thousands of daily and student newspapers in the U.S.