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Traditional Valentines day items include stuffed animals, wine, chocolates and flowers. These materialistic items have become a staple of the holiday. 

Column: Focus on relationships, not money, this Valentine's Day

While its original meaning surrounded love, Valentine's Day has become overly commercialized and monetized through excessive spending on gifts and expectations culture has set. With the current COVID-19 climate, people may have the opportunity to turn away from that and celebrate the holiday appropriately. 

Column: Super Bowl ads are just as important as game

While many tend to focus on the game, the commercials featured during the Super Bowl are equally important. Not only do they prove to be entertaining, but they are also extremely profitable for the companies involved and vital to the world of marketing.

Column: The benefit of taking breaks

Mental health is very important, and taking breaks in-between studying and during the week is proven to help relieve the stress of school. Take time this semester to do something that you love. 

Column: We're not at war with COVID-19

It's common to hear the COVID-19 pandemic described as a "war," but that is a false metaphor. The use of militarized language to describe our response to society's problems isn't just inaccurate; it suggests a reason America can't solve those problems.