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An environmental portrait of Will Kronsberg, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student, sitting at his desk in The Daily Gamecock office on Dec. 4, 2023. Kronsberg spent seven semesters working for Garnet Media Group, rising to the ranks of managing editor for The Daily Gamecock and assistant station manager for SGTV.

Column: Savor the moments that make college special

The 2023 football season was not exactly one to savor, but it is important to take time to appreciate the other memories from the semester — and college in general. There is no such thing as "doing college right," so enjoy the experience and take time to grow yourself.

Guest Column: The importance of free speech on campus

Uncensored America President Brendan Connors said that Laura Loomer's visit to the University of South Carolina highlighted campus free speech issues. Similar events turned violent at Penn State, raising concerns about the ongoing First Amendment challenges in universities.

FILE — A folding chair reserved for University of South Carolina President Michael Amiridis sits empty on the stage of the Russell House patio during a USC worker speak-out event on Oct. 26, 2023. The event was hosted by the United Campus Workers union at USC.

Column: It's time for USC's community to fight for its campus workers

"There is an urgent need for wage reform at the University of South Carolina due to rising living costs and stagnant wages, which disproportionately affect students and employees," columnist Shannon Kavaja writes. "The university's labor coalition and union are raising awareness and advocating for change, emphasizing the importance of student participation in rallies and petitions to address the issue and ensure fair treatment of workers."

Column: Online classes are nothing new. It's time for universities to invest in making them better for students

"There was a lot of uncertainty at the start of the pandemic about how classes would be conducted and how professors would shift from their current teaching methods to a full-fledged online platform," columnist Varsha Gowda writes. "The system has come a long way since 2020, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to fully benefit students from online learning."