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Evelyn Robinson

Column: In heated arguments, humor can be disarming

This semester, I’ve taken a senior seminar about suffrage and women’s rights, and I have been fortunate enough to meet and interview incredibly influential feminists from the women’s movement in South Carolina. These women are from different creeds and different backgrounds, and they fought for various rights within the feminist movement.

Column: Everyone's worldview deserves respect

I’m an atheist. I’d never considered this to be a bold statement, until I moved to South Carolina. Growing up in a scientifically minded family, God was never a topic of conversation at the dinner table. My parents didn’t discourage religion — I went to Sunday school for a couple of months — but besides seeing my friend once a week and getting to be in the nativity, as a child I never really liked church.

Column: New location, new outlook on feminism

By the end of the semester I will be able to defend myself against abduction, sexual assault, rape, violence, stalking and harassment. I will be trained to defend against choking, grabbing, ground fighting, multiple assailants and weapons.

Column: US drinking age is illogical, impractical

No matter how acclimatized I may have become to the delights of the South, some cultural differences between student life in Leeds, England, and in South Carolina continue to absorb me. When I found out I’d be studying abroad in the states, one of the most common questions friends asked was, “What are you going to do about drinking?” Despite having enjoyed the good, clean benefits of a comparatively dry six months here, the prospect of turning 21 this week has never seemed more enticing.

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