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Max Stolarczyk

Column: US should avoid interfering with Russia

Conflict between Ukraine and Russia continued to escalate Tuesday. Although both sides have stated they don’t want war, neither has shown any sign of acquiescing. Statements released by a Ukrainian parliamentarian have also shown little hope of a peaceful solution or even negotiation.

Practice discretion when using social media

Grad school and professional career hopefuls, you may want to set all your social media to private. Now more than ever, admission officers, headhunters and recruiters of all sorts are utilizing social media to get the scoop on their candidate’s qualities. A recent New York Times article told the tale of a Bowdoin College applicant who foolishly broadcasted some disparaging tweets during a college information session.

CISPA's reintroduction follows concerning pattern

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, otherwise known as CISPA, is back in the Senate. Last we heard, the bill was dead on arrival in the Senate, after it was effectively grounded by Edward Snowden’s PRISM revelation.

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