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Steven Asbill

Obamacare has its benefits, and flaws

While few would argue that some changes to the U.S. health care system were necessary, most agree that the Affordable Care Act has many negative aspects in addition to its obvious positives. The law has expanded health insurance to roughly 31 million additional Americans, but there are implications of the law that are having a negative effect on all citizens, regardless of their insurance status. If you ask Democrats about the ACA, you might hear about how it provides near-universal access to health insurance for Americans. If you ask Republicans, you’ll likely hear about how the insurance mandate is killing jobs and health care quality.

Competition over body image is unhealthy

Several weeks ago, a physically fit mom by the name of Maria Kang took heat for posting a picture of herself and her three children with a caption that read, “What’s your excuse?” This picture captured national attention and 20,000 comments, sparking a debate as to the message it sends women and young girls.

Safety resources abound at USC

In light of recent crime, taking precautions, using services essential With daylight savings time approaching in less than three weeks, it is imperative we as students take steps to keep ourselves safe at all times.

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