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Review: 'DAMN.' addresses racial, political issues

04/18/2017 12:27pm

Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." opens discussion of the racial, political and religious issues in today’s society while contrasting this with his air of self-confidence and superiority.

Local businesses face difficulties, remain optimistic

03/12/2017 11:11pm

Small businesses within Columbia have been facing an increasingly difficult time economically according to Dave Shaw, owner of the local restaurant SakiTumi and Columbia advertising agency Flying Napkins.

Column: Bands that should come to Columbia

02/22/2017 10:33am

Many popular bands tend to bypass South Carolina. An A&C staff writer lists a few bands that don't frequent the South and argues why they should should perform in Columbia.

Road Trip Towns: Meadows of Dan, VA

11/24/2016 1:05pm

Looking for a quiet relaxing getaway to the mountains? Meadows of Dan, a quaint town in Virginia, might be exactly what you are searching for.

How to have a successful Thanksgiving in Columbia

11/21/2016 11:06am

As Thanksgiving approaches, many students are planning trips home to their families, but what does that mean for those who stay in Columbia? Here are The Daily Gamecock's suggestions to having a successful Thanksgiving in Columbia with your friends or just by yourself.

4 simple, last-minute Halloween costumes

10/26/2016 8:04pm

Are you in need of a costume this Halloween but you don't have any ideas? Here is a list of some unique costume ideas that are simple and easy to recreate. 

4 helpful tips to block study stress

09/25/2016 9:17pm

When the study blues have you down, where do you turn to refresh your mind and trudge through the busywork of school? Try these tips to put your brain to work after a quick refresher.

Road Trip Towns: Mount Airy, NC

08/25/2016 12:18am

Small in size but not in character, the historic city of Mount Airy offers a reprieve from the busy pace of today’s world with its retrospective landmarks.

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