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Planning ahead for advisement helps in the long run

Preparation prevents extra semesters Too often students find themselves in their senior year of college and realize they still have a plethora of classes left to take before May.

Sometimes students take 21 hours in their last semester. Or they stay another football season and graduate in December.

Either way, this typically results from a lack of planning.

 A lot of students depend on their academic advisers to plan their schedules for them. Then, when they realize they aren't on track, students blame their advisers for screwing up.

Yes, advisers are supposed to help us out, but their job title indicates they are there to "advise." They suggest what classes we should take based on what we need to graduate.

The classes we independently sign up for are up to us. It is our responsibility to make sure we take the right amount of classes. And to double check that these classes fit the criteria for our majors.
Once we're in college, we're adults. It's up to us to make mature decisions and take responsibility. This applies to our coursework and being motivated to graduate on time.

So, as advising season approaches and your registration appointment gets here, plan ahead for your date with your adviser. Go prepared; ask questions to see if you're on track. Make sure extras like studying abroad or taking a sailing class won't set you back. And save the electives for your last semester of college so instead of having to take English 102 or a lab science as a senior, you can learn how to belly dance or fence.