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Miley Cyrus not a bad influence for girls

‘Controversial’ VMA performance deserves fair, not sexist critiques

I feel that I need to start this by saying: I’m sorry. It pains me slightly to be bringing up Miley Cyrus’s name in The Daily Gamecock again this month, but I’ve got to hand it to the girl; she knows how to get people talking.

Her over-the-top dancing (you know which dance) has caused backlash from a lot of parents of young girls, as well as all kinds of haters on her YouTube and Twitter. This week, she released the video for her song, “Wrecking Ball,” which features her treating a sledgehammer like her fiancé and riding a wrecking ball naked.

I know I talked with people about how oppressively obscene she was, basically just attempting shock value. But, as a friend just pointed out to me, her counterpart at the MTV Video Music Awards is receiving almost no attention for being a part of the same dance.

So, here are some facts about Robin Thicke in case you weren’t aware of them. Thicke is an American-Candian national, who sings, and was a former judge for ABC’s singing show, “Duets.” He was married to actress Paula Patton in 2005 and had a three-year-old son with her. This year, he put out the ridiculously popular song, “Blurred Lines,” with Pharell and T.I. Its uncensored music video features three topless supermodels dancing on the three men.

While people are writing on every surface of the Internet they can about how abruptly Miley has shed her former Disney image, a quick Google search of Thicke takes you to top results like websites that sell his CDs and tickets. Most of the first ten results — the ones we all really look at — discuss his music career and general information about him. Perez Hilton makes the only mention of the VMA debacle. He notes that Thicke could have potential marital problems for “getting Miley’s ever present tongue on his neck,” but luckily his wife forgave that — and the naked models!

So, what’s being exhibited is that Thicke can blur the line of adultery, and somehow, it’s Cyrus’s fault.

She still could be classified as a child if we use 21 as the benchmark, and he’s the one actually raising a child. So why shouldn’t he shoulder some of the blame?

If this is how we treat a young woman for using the resources she has to be creative, why are we collectively absolving the adult man who was also involved?

If you don’t approve of your daughter seeing Cyrus dance or writhe on a wrecking ball, then pull her away from it.

But don’t burden a young woman’s spirit with your complaints about it online. That little girl was watching Thicke stand back and take it, too. Don’t passively defend the guy who’s gotten famous for getting danced on by girls in their underwear.


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