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Emilie Dawson

Column: Obama’s stance on ‘drug war’ right way to go

It’s true that America leads the world in exactly two categories: largest military and highest percentage of population in jail. The latter could owe to the U.S.’s dual sovereignty, which allows states to hold their own laws and requires citizens to also abide by federal laws.

Column: Progress has been made, but gender equality still critical issue

If you ask someone if they consider themselves a feminist, you’ll probably hear no more often than yes. Even at a liberal university like ours, people shy away from the term because it conjures up images of bra-burning, man-hating lesbians from the ’70s. Connotations aside, the real definition of a feminist is someone who advocates social, political, legal and economic rights of women to equal those of men — not someone who hates men or wants to bring them down.

Column: 'Corridor of Shame' shows inanity of other issues

Being an out-of-state student, I didn’t grow up in the state’s public school system. My dad taught at Lady’s Island Middle School in Beaufort for a year, and I thought I understood a bit about the system, but the state is filled with much more rural schools than Beaufort, and those schools are wallowing in disrepair and underfunding.

Iraqi girls, women deserve our attention

Some days you feel glad to be an American. Our government may be spying on us or shutting down over party disagreements, but at least we aren’t forcing our women to marry men they don’t want to.

Column: Cardio, lifting garner best weight loss results

It’s slightly mind-blowing how many different ways there are to work out. There are the classics, like jogging, biking, swimming and tennis; the dance centric, like zumba, hip-hop, aerobics and barre; the new wave, like body pump, Cross Fit, P90X; and on and on.

Column: Legalize marijuana for our veterans

Right now, sufferers of PTSD and the other diseases marijuana could help with are given pharmaceutical concoctions made from various chemicals. With the organic and health food movement ongoing, why shouldn’t the drugs we put in our bodies be all-natural, too?

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