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Brief: Alternative Fall Break presents volunteer options

In the days directly following Columbia’s devastating floods earlier this month, an unprecedented number of students rallied behind UofSCRelief and the Leadership and Service Center to help the community recover.

Later this week, a group of students will participate in an Alternative Fall Break dedicated to that same cause: rebuilding Columbia.

From Thursday to Saturday, volunteers will gather at the Leadership and Service Center early in the morning. They will be transported to different parts of Columbia and surrounding communities that are still feeling the effects of the flood and will work until early evening. In the spirit of a true alternate break, the volunteers will also prepare and eat dinner together at the end of each day.

In addition to the volunteer opportunity this weekend, there are other one-day service trips dedicated to the flood relief effort. Each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, students can volunteer during a certain time. The locations of these opportunities change as needs arise in the area.

The flood disaster sparked an enthusiasm for community service at USC unlike anything else in recent history. It brought the needs of the community to the forefront of students’ minds.

Even after the effects of the flood have been managed, Columbia will still have challenges. Students can continue to help improve campus, the city and surrounding areas. New and ongoing volunteer opportunities can be found at the Leadership and Service Center on the second floor of Russell House and on their website