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Column: Students should advocate life skills class

When it comes to starting college, it's inevitable that students will be faced with situations and decisions that will force them into adulthood, if that has not happened before college.

From everything to writing checks, paying bills, doing taxes and yes, doing laundry, millennials might require many skills that they do not have.

It is easy to say that not everyone comes from the same background and family environment and is likewise easy to say that not everyone has the same life knowledge and skills as others when they come into college.

I believe that in college (if not in high school) students should be required to take a life skills class instead of the U101 class, which typically teaches material that could either be combined with the relevant content of a life skills class or otherwise be entirely eliminated.

A suitable life skills class should include lessons on applicable mathematics, such as basic accounting skills used to balance a checkbook and how to file taxes, as well as necessary professional skills such as how to do well in an interview and write a formal letter, to name a few.

Students should advocate for a standard, required life skills class by appealing to USC faculty and then joining together to give a voice to the need for untaught skills that will be required throughout our lives. Another option is for students to create an organization or club that would operate in open workshop and allows members to weekly attend and learn certain skills.

At a minimum, consider if you currently have opportunities open to you to learn the life skills that you have yet to attain. I would recommend making a list of applicable life skills you need to learn and seeking the advice and teachings of parents, adult friends or mentors, if they are available.