Opinion: Student Government campaigning is flawed

Every election event seems to have its quirks. Sometimes, there is so much competition that messages get lost in all the campaign craziness. Candidates need to be able to successfully navigate the campaign process in order to secure the win.

First things first, they need to get a jump on the competition. Start announcements and solicitations early. Sure, it may cost a couple of campaign violation points, but that is what they are there for. Although many have been accused of violations already, Nick Hooks, a speaker of the senate candidate, is in the lead this year with a total of six points cashed in already. Winning is all about learning how to toe the line of trading points for votes.

Secondly, kick off the campaign with an announcement video full of smoke - lots of smoke. This will be crucial in getting the message across. The messages in announcement videos from the Rankin-Lewis, Forward and Fuse campaigns may be hazy, but at least they took that early stance of burning it all down. What is being burned, and whether it's physically or metaphorically, is completely dependent on campaign principles.

When voicing campaign principles, take an alternative approach. Make sure they are as transparent as possible. Transparency is quite the novel idea in today’s political landscape, and is a word being thrown about by candidates with abandon. Adger Drummond, a candidate for student body treasurer, is going one step further with his platform of transparency by actually doing his job of helping constituents as well as students in government.

A useful campaign strategy is to give people free stuff, like stickers and fliers. People love free stuff. They love to throw it on the ground or in the next available trash can. Maybe even bury it at the back of the bottom drawer forever. The potential littering side effect will go nicely with the burn-it-all theme.

Candidates may also want to take a hard stance on big issues, like Patrick Ellis’ on Wi-Fi. Be sure to have some softer topics too, such as Casey Hamlin’s desire to ease the trouble of heavy alcohol consumers.

If nothing else, follow the lead of Jacob Thompson or Lyric Swinton by making sure the desire to run was a spur of the moment decision. After all, no thought should be put into representing your constituents whatsoever.

Running a campaign is a complicated process. Taking a few pages out of the 2019 handbook will have it running smoothly in no time with votes pouring in.

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