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Personal protective fashion: Mask everything but your style

It's required to wear a mask in most parts of campus, and some people might be worried about it cramping their style. However, there are plenty of options to complement your outfit, from unique fabrics and bold prints to basic designs that get the job done. Here's a guide to our favorite mask styles to complement any outfit.

Work Out

What to look for: When you’re exercising, chances are you’re going to sweat. This means you’ll want a moisture-wicking material to allow your skin to breathe. It's also a good idea to have a mask with ear loops because ties could slip off during high-movement workouts.

What kind of masks: Pure cotton mask or surgical mask 

Where to get: Stores such as CVS often carry cheap surgical masks, but if you’re looking for something more environmentally friendly, cotton masks can be purchased online from stores such as Old Navy or made at home in a few easy steps. 

Our top pick: 3 Layer- Adjustable Band Cotton Comfortable Face Mask by Etsy seller LuckyplanetUS


What to look for: Most days, students don’t feel like dressing up for class and usually choose to throw on a basic T-shirt and athletic shorts combo. If your style is no-fuss, your best bet for a mask will be something plain and simple that will get the job done. Think solid colors or simple prints.  

What kind of masks: Plain reusable cotton mask 

Where to get: Pleated cotton masks can be easily made at home, but if you are even more minimalistic and want a smoother face covering, unpleated masks can be found online. 

Our top pick: American Eagle Reusable Face Mask (20% of this sale goes to Crisis Text Line)

Day at the pool 

What to look for: If you’re planning to be in or near the water, you’ll want something water resistant. Obviously, any mask you wear under water will get wet, but the key is to wear something that won’t get soaked through if you happen to get splashed. Look for thicker materials as opposed to cotton.

What kind of masks: Fabric masks with some lining, preferably a bit padded

Where to get: Jaanuu has a large selection of sport-friendly and water resistant masks.

Our top pick: Reusable Antimicrobial Finished Face Mask Adult (5 Pack) from Jaanuu

Friend’s night

What to look for: While it’s probably not the best idea to visit Five Points just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fun (and less risky) night with friends. If you plan to wear a nicer outfit, you’ll want a mask just as stylish to go with it. Everyone has their own style, but try to find masks with different textures or patterns to start your own trend. 

What kind of mask: Colorful or textured cotton masks 

Where to get: Banana Republic and Ulta Beauty have a wide variety of cotton masks in various prints and pleated textures.

Our top pick: Adult Face Mask (3 pack) from Banana Republic 

Football games

What to look for: The start of football season means incredibly hot game days, but the heat shouldn’t deter you from wearing your mask. After all, what is school spirit if not protecting your peers? Show off your Gamecock pride with USC masks. 

What kind of mask: Fabric masks covered in USC graphics

Where to get: Gamecocks Online and Etsy have plenty of face coverings with USC logos and Cocky graphics.  

Our top pick: Adult Colosseum South Carolina Gamecocks Logo Face Covering 2-Pack from Gamecocks Online


What to look for: In the chance that you have formal events to attend, you’ll want your mask to match your elegant dress or suit. Luxurious-looking fabrics such as satin in soft pastel, neutral or dark colors are a good option to complement your look without drawing too much attention away from your clothes.

What kind of mask: Satin mask with ear loops so you have the freedom to style your hair 

Where to get: Etsy and Claire & Clara offer satin mask options. 

Our top pick: Silk Adult Face Mask by Etsy seller masksLab