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Everything needed for holistic healing is already within, according to local healers, practitioners

What if anyone could be their own healer?

Sista Carla, co-owner of Infinite Treasures, LLC., said everything people need is already inside. The deeper one goes, the more they learn. This might bring unforeseen thoughts or feelings, but everything starts from a thought, she said, including manifestation for a better life. 

“Always looking at self first," Sista Carla said. "What did I do to create this situation? How did I attract this situation?”

To keep in line with these values, Sista Carla said she recommends mindfulness as a daily practice going hand-in-hand with gratitude. Even challenges can bring gratitude. 

Practicing yoga, meditation, exercise and, most importantly, healthy eating can increase one's electromagnetic field. Sista Carla said exercising brings people into the "gaseous state" of being moved and electrified, whereas by sitting still, they remain solid, dense and heavy. 

Sista Carla said because the world is saturated by 5G electromagnetic fields — the most technological frequency the human race has ever been exposed to — it is especially important for people to maintain a high electromagnetic field to protect their well-being.

“I think that as a human race we've — there's a quantum leap in consciousness that is accessible to us right now,” Sista Carla said. 

The possibilities for exposure are endless, but so are the ways to combat electromagnetic toxicities from “penetrating your aura."

Energy being a part of lifestyle changes seems to be a common idea among spiritualists such as Nubia Ankh Ka, a holistic practitioner and spiritual wellness guide. Ankh Ka said human bodies are energetic entities. This energy can get blocked as a result of trauma or stress and cause tension.

Her new shop, Cosmic Goddess Divine, LLC., will provide customers with practices to release these blocks and practices such as massage therapy, tarot card reading and "sacred yoni steamyn," or vaginal steaming. Ankh Ka said she believes each of these brings some sort of benefit, spiritual or physical, to the person.

Ankh Ka "grew up playing cards" but has since graduated to cards with a purpose. She practices tarot, an ancient divination technique, to show people their fate and help them decide on how to approach it. According to Ankh Ka, people can change their fate because of the universal laws of cause and effect.

“We can decide to do something more proactive. Something more constructive instead of destructive," Ankh Ka said. "The world will be filled with many temptations, and the devil’s in the details. But, what are you going to do with the stories of your tale? That is what tarot is.” 

She said "we sit here and we breathe, yet we can't see it," and this everything that is nothing becomes one with us. These are unseen forces that, if trusted, can lead  to "profound information" channeled from the world's expanding surroundings, which determine peoples' fate.

“I just had to reprogram myself. I had to unprogram what [my mother] taught me and then start to reprogram myself with evolution,” Ankh Ka said. “These programs, they hold us in place and they keep us from evolving when we get fearful that we're going to be different.”

Ankh Ka said people are, for the most part, in charge of their fate, and they can also take charge of their environments. A person’s environment is anything from their diet to the people they surround themselves with to the places they spend time in. 

“If you want to grow, it's best that you're planted in a good place in the garden; you get plenty of sunlight, plenty of water. But if you're planted amongst weeds, well, that will stunt your growth,” Ankh Ka said.  “And you won't, you may not get to bloom into that beautiful flower that you're supposed to be on the other side of the garden.”

Something as simple as mindful eating is a good starting place for people to take control of their environment. The steps toward holistic self-care do not have to be big, but they should be focused within. 

So, where can students without access to a spiritual guide begin their journey of self-care? Second-year history and philosophy student Kate Kuisel said most of her practices were self-taught.

“I really just started with learning how to meditate and focus my mind, which is definitely the hardest part of all of this because it's easy to have your mind run all over the place when you're trying to meditate. So, I recommend starting with an app like Headspace that's guided,” Kuisel said.

From there, Kuisel said meditation led her to learn about healing crystals, which in turn led her to tarot cards and astrology. As she sees it, even people who do not necessarily believe in the power of these practices can benefit, and it “doesn’t hurt to try.”

Kuisel said that to her, spiritual practices such as these are not “supernatural,” but rather they are a way for people to become more mindful and understand how their mind works.

To her, the most important thing students can do is stop and take in their surroundings.

“I think students’ lives, I think everyone's lives, these days are super, super busy. And it's really easy to just go, go, go and not realize you're in college. Like, live a little, appreciate your friends right now. Appreciate where you are, time goes by really quickly,” Kuisel said.