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Column: Make alternative plans for Halloween

A set of three painted pumpkins on display. Painting a pumpkin is sometimes used as an alternative to carving it.
A set of three painted pumpkins on display. Painting a pumpkin is sometimes used as an alternative to carving it.

There are tons of different things that you could do with your friends this Halloween instead of going to a party, such as having costume contests, mask decorating "parties," scary movie marathons or going to haunted houses — what's most important is making safe, fun memories with your friends. 

COVID-19 is still a major concern for college students, and this year for Halloween, instead of the loud parties and carefree students roaming the streets of Cola, students should think twice before going out. 

“Parties, no. Going out as a group to trick-or-treat or getting together and watching a movie, yes. Corn mazes, yes. It’s just the idea of people getting together in huge groups, it’s not entirely a smart or safe idea,” second-year pre-pharmacy student Rachel Etwaru said when asked what she thinks about going out this year.

There are so many different options for Halloween plans, such as staying in your dorm or apartment, dressing up for Instagram and watching scary movies.  

“Currently, I don’t have any plans for Halloween. I’m not really planning on going out to a big party. If I do anything, it will be with a small group of friends, just in the dorm or something, kind of hanging out," first-year math student Leigh Morton said.

Hanging out with a small group of friends can be as fun as going out to a big party. You can do photoshoots or costume contests like first-year broadcast journalism student Josie Frost. 

“My roommate and I are supposed to have a Halloween party with the girls from our Bible study, and we're going to do a costume thing. We’re going to dress as Daphne and Velma, and I’m really excited,” Frost said.

Another option for this Halloween because of COVID is a mask decorating "party." Grab a couple of close friends, disposable masks and decorations and have yourself a fun Halloween night. You can make themed masks for everyone in the group or make it into a competition by awarding the best mask a prize.

A recent trend on the app TikTok is the ghost photoshoot. Take a white sheet, put it over your head, add some sunglasses, play "Oh Klahoma" by Jack Stauber in the background and take some pictures. Maybe even become TikTok famous in the process. 

There also are the classics for Halloween, such as corn mazes, pumpkin patches and haunted houses, including local haunted houses or the infamous Madworld. 

It’s hard for students, especially freshmen, not to go out and experience a real college Halloween night, but so many students are trying to do their part. 

“When we get together, we get really small groups and people that live on our hall. I know that people really still want to hang out and do big stuff together, but I don’t know, I just feel like it’s really inconsiderate of everybody who is doing the right thing. It would be different if people got together and everybody wore masks and everybody tried to social distance, but it just never happens that way,” Frost said. 

Halloween should be a fond memory that you look back to when you’re older, and just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun.