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Letters to the editor: Student Government executive office candidates write why students should vote for them

<p>From left to right, top row: Caden Askew, Aidan Baker, Alex Harrell, Cameron Butler, Emily Dengler and Ashlyn Osborne<br>
From Left to right, bottom row: Christian Phillips, Morgiana McDevitt, Jack Lind, Katherine Turner, Sam Courson and Matthew Durant</p>
From left to right, top row: Caden Askew, Aidan Baker, Alex Harrell, Cameron Butler, Emily Dengler and Ashlyn Osborne From Left to right, bottom row: Christian Phillips, Morgiana McDevitt, Jack Lind, Katherine Turner, Sam Courson and Matthew Durant

In lieu of an endorsement, The Daily Gamecock asked Student Government executive candidates to tell students why to vote for them. Their letters were edited for grammar, style and length.

Voting runs Feb. 23 to Feb. 24 and occurs online.

Here are selected quotes from candidates' letters. Follow the links below for their full letters.

Student body president candidates

There are four student body president candidates: Caden Askew, Aidan Baker, Cameron Butler and Alex Harrell. Read their letters in full here.

"In my role as student body treasurer, I have taken my office to a place it has never been before," Askew wrote. "The Askew Osborne Campaign is dedicated to furthering the ideals of accessibility, transparency, advocacy and more. Our platform is comprised of three pillars: support, secure and sustain."

"I know many of you have felt unheard and unrepresented on campus; I have, too. I am running to 'EVOLVE' and represent this campus and serve each of you," Baker wrote. "Our platform is carefully tailored to energize student life, expand student government accessibility and echo student voices."

"This campus has so much to offer and is a community like no other. Our incoming leadership needs to continue to make great strides forward," Butler wrote. "To get us on the right track, I created my Five Points Plan, tackling the immense challenges our Gamecock Nation faces."

"I am proud to be running to be your next student body president. It’s incredible to say that, as this has been a dream of mine since I stepped foot on campus," Harrell wrote. "I promise to work to emphasize the student voice and prioritize the issues that are most important to my peers. By creating a comprehensive and achievable platform."

Student body vice president candidates

There are two student body vice president candidates: Emily Dengler and Ashlyn Osborne. Read their letters in full here.

"As a freshman, I was eager to get involved and make an impact on campus, but my journey took an untraditional path," Dengler wrote. "My goal is to bridge the gap between the old and the new for a better Carolina."

"The knowledge I have gained through my two years of experience on campus makes me the best candidate for this position," Osborne wrote. "The office comes with a responsibility to be courageous by elevating voices that have been overlooked."

Student body treasurer candidates

There are four student body treasurer candidates: Samuel Courson, Matt Durant, Jack Lind and Kate Turner. Read their letters in full here.

"I am the most experienced candidate because I have the longest tenure and highest position in the treasurer's office," Courson wrote. "I have seen the issues that organizations face when it comes to funding, and I know how to fix them."

"Matt is committed to increasing transparency, highlighting and addressing equity within the office and at Carolina, and increasing access to the treasurer’s office resources for student orgs and campus as a whole," Durant wrote.

"Throughout my time at Carolina, I have been involved in the university in a multitude of leadership roles," Lind wrote. "I believe every Gamecock has the potential to leave their mark, and that is where my platform is centered."

"I want to ensure that student organizations have the opportunity to improve and strengthen their organizations through the resources provided by the treasurer’s office and Student Government," Turner wrote. "I am proud to be running on a platform that is both achievable and impactful."

Speaker of the student senate candidates

There are two speaker of the student senate candidates: Morgiana McDevitt and Christian Phillips. Read their letters in full here.

"I know that as your next speaker of the senate, I will work to best represent the interest of all students," McDevitt wrote. "I will create opportunities for all students by increasing accessibility to student senate."

"My platform for speaker has four major components. The first is to extend senate outreach to the student body," Phillips wrote. "I know that I have the experience and ideas to serve as the best speaker possible."

Editor's note: Christian Phillips is a news writer with The Daily Gamecock. Phillips does not report on Student Government. Also, Caden Askew and Matt Durant are members of the Board of Publications, which selects executive leaders in student media.