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Column: Anonymity not good or bad, but tool

Now that I’m in college, where mature people go to do mature things, it’s almost comforting to know that Yik Yak, an anonymous, twitter-esque posting site, has made it that much easier to reveal other students’ personal information consequence-free.

Column: Tillman statue should be removed from State House

The South has a contentious history tarnished with racism. However with the aid of social activism and time, today our southern city of Columbia, S.C. appears to be nicely growing in both diversity and tolerance. But a significant figure vital to the continuance of that unpleasant history still stands outside of the statehouse as our government chooses to still honor the most prominent white supremacist in state history.

Column: Council needs lesson in elementary etiquette

As children, people are taught basic rules that can apply to any age group: Don’t hit, clean up your messes and share. You learn these things and other similar edicts because they all fall under the proverbial Golden Rule, the cornerstone of polite society that seems to be forgotten more and more often these days: Treat others as you’d like to be treated. The Columbia City Council members seem to have tossed these rules out the window, according to The State. The story follows a pledge put forth by Mayor Steve Benjamin, a tenet of which urged the council members “to refrain from engaging in name calling, insults, demeaning or inflammatory remarks.” That sounds an a lot like what we learned in kindergarten. The State cites the council elections of 2013 and the strong-mayor referendum that followed as the start of these issues, but isn’t that what a City Council is supposed to do?

In Our Opinion: Politics should not manipulate curriculum

The purpose of higher education can be distilled into two central facets: Developing a more complete knowledge of the world and principles that surround us, and reinforcing the type of critical thinking that separates the followers and leaders of our civilization. In spite of this, state House members recently rescinded $70,000 in funding from two public schools — College of Charleston and USC Upstate — for assigning gay-themed books.

Obamacare has its benefits, and flaws

While few would argue that some changes to the U.S. health care system were necessary, most agree that the Affordable Care Act has many negative aspects in addition to its obvious positives. The law has expanded health insurance to roughly 31 million additional Americans, but there are implications of the law that are having a negative effect on all citizens, regardless of their insurance status. If you ask Democrats about the ACA, you might hear about how it provides near-universal access to health insurance for Americans. If you ask Republicans, you’ll likely hear about how the insurance mandate is killing jobs and health care quality.

In Our Opinion: Carolina Ball deserves USC's full participation

Four fourth-year USC students are rallying together to throw the second annual Carolina Ball, a fundraising event for local causes that they dreamed up after attending the Capitol Ball in Washington. The focus of this year’s ball is Martha Childress, the first-year business student who was tragically paralyzed after a stray bullet struck her in Five Points last fall.

Letter to the Editor: Stronger standards will bolster academic values

I commend Hunter Dayton for his letter Thursday about the effect that disinterested, lackadaisical, disrespectful and cheating students have on the majority of students who are serious about learning. However, I do not think that the best solution to this is the removal of degree requirements — I believe it is to encourage our faculty to proactively address these issues. I expect my teaching colleagues on campus to take teaching seriously — it is their primary responsibility to the university.

Guest Column: Handling Russia will be Obama's ultimate task

In one of the many debates that took place during the 2012 presidential race, President Barack Obama told Mitt Romney that “the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.” This was in response to the governor’s remarks that Russia was still one of the United States’ enemies.

Column: Obama's budget forecasts unrealistic financial future

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama released his budget for 2015. It included proposed budgets for each of the different departments he oversees (and the government on the whole), as well as projections for these budgets and expenditures over the next ten years.