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Column: Sexual harassment is systemic crisis at USC

A renewed focus on sexual harassment at USC has shown there are multiple professors who harass and abuse their female students and colleagues. If President Bob Caslen's administration wants to fix it, it needs to start by cleaning house.

Two students signed up for Service Saturday pick their volunteer site. The students then take busses to their respective sites.

Column: Give back during Lent

While many consider Lent to be a time of giving things up, it can also consist of service opportunities and giving back to your community. Although COVID-19 has made such opportunities fairly difficult, many still exist around Columbia. 

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks in January 2021.

Column: COVID-19 nursing home deaths were egregious

Many of the deaths that resulted from COVID-19 patients being placed in nursing homes were avoidable and done in haste. Governors such as Andrew Cuomo of New York are now facing appropriate criticism for these decisions and the attempts to cover the death numbers up.