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Opinion: Raise cigarette tax

02/14/2018 10:32pm

South Carolina's cigarette tax is one of the lowest in the nation. Increasing it would save lives and money without hurting the economy. 

Column: Diplomacy, Trump style

09/20/2017 10:12pm

Trump's lack of diplomatic skills hampers the State Department and hurts U.S. influence worldwide.

Column: Trump's unpresidential debate

09/27/2016 10:26pm

Last night was Trump's chance to make his case to America, but he performed so poorly that, if anything, he did the opposite.

Column: Syrian civil war deserves attention

08/31/2016 2:33pm

With all the news surrounding the presidential race, we're not paying attention to the things in the world that the new President of the United States will have to deal with, like the Syrian Civil War. That's unacceptable.

Column: Trump in Trouble

08/17/2016 5:45pm

  Donald Trump’s campaign has had a tumultuous past several months. Scandal after scandal, blunder after blunder.

Column: Cuba embargo must end

04/04/2016 5:32pm

The topic of resuming diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba has been a big issue in the current presidential race.

Column: Cuban immigration loopholes unfair

02/28/2016 4:10pm

As much as the GOP primary field loves to talk about immigration reform, they are surprisingly silent on the loopholes granted to Cuban immigrants.

Column: GOP values ideology over duty

02/19/2016 1:36pm

Senate Republicans' insistence that Obama not fill Antonin Scalia's vacancy on the court is an insult to the Constitution and an abdication of their duty.

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