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Grace Brown

Column: Take a gap year after graduation

Your 20s are the years of your life where you are meant to see new places, try new things and take the time to discover who you are or could be. Take a gap year to travel, volunteer, get a part-time job or discover new hobbies. 

Column: Our campus needs more public art

This column is to raise awareness that our USC campus needs more public art for everyone to enjoy. Whether that's murals, paintings, or statues, there should be more art on campus that is student or faculty made. 

The inner corridor of the Student Disability Resource Center in the USC Close-Hipp building on Jan. 26, 2022. The Center serves an on-campus study area and workplace for students with disabilities.

Column: USC needs more disability accessibility on campus

The university needs better accessibility for persons with disabilities around campus. This is done by bringing upgrades to the current accessibility we have on campus, fixing paths, quick repairs for anything out of order and informing all students on where wheelchair accesses are for buildings.   

Column: Take advantage of being a live audience member

Saying "yes" to going out to events again isn't a bad thing now that live performances and sports games are happening again. We can all regain something inside of us by doing so. These outings bring people together and create a sense of community while also supporting artists and teams.

The United States of America's $1 dollar coins.

Column: Learn to budget in college

Starting to budget in college, rather than later in life, is helpful and beneficial. Budgeting will save you in the long run, and USC has the resources to help you get started.

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