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Hannah Exum

 "Megan Is Missing" is a horror/thriller about a 14-year-old girl who goes missing when she meets a boy for a date. The movie is available on Amazon Video and YouTube. 

Column: 'Megan Is Missing' emulates a terrifying reality

We hear their stories often. We watch movies and documentaries about online pedophiles and the fears that come with the freedoms of the internet. Young girls are being manipulated by online predators who lure their victims with kind words and trusting support. Soon after, these children go missing and are most often never seen again.  

Column: Bisexual community faces erasure, lacks accurate representation

Bisexual erasure is a prevalent issue in the bisexual community, which undermines and overlooks an important aspect of a person's identity. By raising awareness, there will be a greater understanding that a person's sexual orientation is not "just a phase" or experimentation, but a part of who they are — that should be celebrated. 

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