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Kelly Villwock

For men, please do not: Wear a T-shirt, especially with a slogan or graphic on it; wear surfer-style jewelry or ear, nose or eyebrow rings; skip the belt if your pants have belt loops; wear jeans unless the dress code allows it; wear sport sandals or flip flops; and go sockless. (Sara A. Fajardo/Orlando Sentinel/MCT)

Kelly's Konvictions

One of The Daily Gamecock designers decided she wanted to write a list of things she loves and hates, fulfilling her dream of being a trendsetter. Here is the result.

Tailgate recipes

You don't just want to eat at this weekend's tailgate — you want to feast. Here are some tried-and-true tailgating recipes to make your last home game of the season memorable.

Briefs, Nov. 13

Monday afternoon, Dedra Shacklette discovered her daughter, Victoria, was mistakenly picked up by DSS from her Greenville elementary school.

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