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New Year's Resolutions for 2016

01/11/2016 12:38pm

Every year, along with the rest of the country, I make a painful attempt to set an unbelievably vague goal that will inevitably be shoved under the rug when my other priorities take precedent.

8 things to do while classes are canceled

10/06/2015 2:23pm

Locked in your dorm or apartment because of flooding? Starting to go a little stir crazy? Despite the massive amount of flooding that has taken place on and around campus, there is still plenty to do.

In Brief: Jam Room Festival

09/30/2015 10:53pm

This Saturday is Columbia’s third Jam Room Music Festival, held on Main and Hampton Streets.

New on Netflix: Week of September 20

09/20/2015 10:45pm

Several well-loved shows and movies are coming to Netflix this week. As students start to buckle down for the semester, we often need to take time to relax and get lost in a new Netflix binge.

Five places to eat after 2 a.m.

09/13/2015 8:36pm

Five places to eat after 2a.m. Many of Columbia’s eateries stay awake to accompany the night life of this college town.

Fall 2015: Hot Trendz

09/09/2015 11:51pm

It’s September, so we’re all starting to get into the groove of regular fall schoolwork (sigh).

2015 Year of the Shag

09/07/2015 7:43pm

You could hear the music from blocks away, but if you walked past the Statehouse on Sunday afternoon, you would have seen something unexpected.

Top Ten Free Apps for Students

08/31/2015 7:24pm

Top 10 Free Apps for College Students With our unique and busy lives, students need organization more than ever.

The Weeknd pleasantly surprises with mix of new and old

08/30/2015 11:01pm

Since his last two albums, “Trilogy” in 2012 and “Kiss Land” in 2013, The Weeknd’s popularity has completely skyrocketed, and like any sensationalized artist, he runs the risk of losing the quality of his music in the insanity of Hollywood and the music world.

How to Survive Gameday at USC

08/23/2015 11:34pm

How To Survive Gameday at USC Football season is quickly approaching, and with it comes the hectic tailgating process, the physical preparation, and of course, the die-hard fans.

First Day of Classes: Do's and Dont's

08/14/2015 9:08pm

So you’re a freshman and you haven’t quite got a grip on the campus scene yet. Or you’re an upperclassman looking for a fresh start.


08/14/2015 9:05pm

These days, the hit radio stations are playing a variety of music genres, and obviously some songs are better than others.

Get swept up by "Currents"

07/23/2015 2:08pm

If you’re looking for new music to get into before the summer ends, why not try out some psychedelic rock?

Insidious series recap with release of third chapter

06/09/2015 6:35pm

Since the third installment of the “Insidious” series was released this past weekend, you might need a reminder of how the last couple films panned out. This quick recap won’t spoil any plot points, but use it to decide for yourself which of the three films you like the best.

INKED: body art in the real world

05/18/2015 1:31pm

Walk through campus in the springtime and you’ll more than likely see exposed tattoos on the bodies of countless students.

Classic play incorporates comical antics

04/21/2015 7:33pm

When “The Three Musketeers” begins, audiences will be immediately blown away by the tremendous amount of costuming, lighting and construction detail that went into the production of this play.

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