Laurryn Thomas

Recent Articles

Opinion: Free the elephants

03/08/2018 9:55am

Elephants shouldn't be kept in captivity. Riverbanks Zoo is the perfect example of why.

Opinion: How to react to a snow day

01/18/2018 2:22pm

Snow day excitement is completely different between Northern and Southern students, but should be the same for everyone. 

Opinion: Reduce plastic usage on campus

01/15/2018 5:32pm

It is no secret that plastic is a huge pollutant to our oceans, so USC needs to take responsibility for its huge plastic impact in order to make much needed changes.

Column: Crime reporting racially biased

09/27/2017 8:14pm

Media reporting of crimes, particularly in white on black crime, is racially biased, and students need to be able to tell the difference.