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Babar is back

Before the gigantic circus elephants perform Thursday night in the opening of the Barnum & Bailey Circus’ annual stop here, they must depart from large carrying trains and make their way a few blocks to the Carolina Coliseum.

Gaeckle recovers from shooting

Former Student Body President Andrew Gaeckle is in a Washington, D.C. hospital after being shot early Saturday morning. Gaeckle is expected to recover and was up and walking Sunday morning, according to messages posted by his mother on Facebook. Washington police officials haven’t released details of the incident yet, but reports indicate the shooting was part of a late-night armed robbery. Gaeckle, a Colorado native, was student body president during the 2008-2009 academic year, served as a University Ambassador and graduated in 2009. He moved to Washington to work as an analyst for Morgan Borszcz Consulting.

Swearingen Evacuation

The Swearingen Engineering building was evacuated Tuesday night after a possible gas leak. The Columbia Fire Department was called in response around 7 p.m. and the building had to be evacuated. Law Enforcement confirmed the suspicious odor was due to paint fumes in the building. Fourth-year electrical engineering student Christopher Smith said he was getting a drink from the soda machine when he noticed police cars outside the building. Moments later, the fire alarm went off and he had to evacuate from the second floor. “We heard the fire alarm go off the left side of the building,” Smith said. “My friend and I saw two USC police and thought ‘That’s weird.’” USC Spokeswoman Margaret Lamb said the building was open for re-entry at 8 p.m. and no damages were made.