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Letter from the editor: Embrace spring in full bloom

It's easy to get caught up by your to-do list or by the demands of your Google Calendar, but take some time to notice what's around you. From flowers, animals and art on campus to baseball games, new transfers and spring cleaning, there are a lot of reasons to embrace the spring in full bloom. 

Column: Our campus needs more public art

This column is to raise awareness that our USC campus needs more public art for everyone to enjoy. Whether that's murals, paintings, or statues, there should be more art on campus that is student or faculty made. 

Column: Three Rivers Greenway benefits everyone in Columbia

The development of the Three Rivers Greenway will stimulate and bring financial benefits to local Columbia businesses and create employment. The environmental advantages of the greenway are also important as because the greenway can offer benefits in combatting climate change effects in Columbia.