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Congress mustn't worry about Syrian affairs

Now that the people have said that we definitely don’t want to get involved in Syria, the two parties have managed to put aside their differences and come together to make sure that we get in there as soon as possible.

Letter to the Editor: Government is conducive to progress

With the rising popularity of libertarian, ‘Leave me alone, government!’ political rhetoric, it is important to make the case that large government is not necessarily a bad thing. Hearing the words big and government put together in the same sentence is a scary sound for most Americans.

NC students granted legal representation

North Carolina college students will be allowed an attorney to represent them in school hearings. Last month, North Carolina took an important step forward in protecting students’ rights.

Letter to the Editor: Homosexuality not a disorder

Previous letter to the editor cited condemned study considered tainted by lobbying. I’m writing to refute several points that Terry Burgess made in his letter “LGBT groups don’t practice inclusiveness.” Mr. Burgess is relying on nonempirical data and, at best, an elementary understanding of psychology and sociology to promote a prejudiced view of society.

Letter to the Editor: To better university, channel Carolinian Creed

While I will always support the inalienable rights that all people have to express their views and opinions, I also recognize that sometimes those expressions can be hurtful, divisive and inconsistent with building and sustaining an environment that honors and respects every person in our university family and community.