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Annie Wilson

School workers deserve raises just like teachers

Zais unfairly denies entire staff's impact In response to South Carolina’s House of Representatives passing last month a blanket pay raise for all school-level employees, Mick Zais, state superintendant of education, released a letter recently proposing that only teachers, not other school staff, should benefit from these raises. He claims that it is unnecessary to give raises to entire school staff members just as the budget for the 2012-2013 school year is being finalized.

Loss of military funds will hurt state economy

Closing bases pushes families away The article in The State, "Next round of cuts could threaten S.C. bases," tells of the dramatic price cuts that will change South Carolina's military bases and economy. This is not news to South Carolina. The Pentagon has already decided on implementing $487 billion in cuts, but this supposedly was not to affect South Carolina. The article says "another $600 billion in cuts could be required because of last year's debt-ceiling standoff in Congress," possibly shutting down local military bases.

Lobbying lawsuit wastes taxpayer funds

Case takes focus off important issues The ethics lawsuit filed by Republican activist and fundraiser John Rainey against South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was dismissed after a circuit court judge ruled the issues inappropriate for a circuit court.

Safety laws for mo-peds should be stricter

Drivers risk injury no matter their age The article, “Students opt for mo-peds as cheaper way to travel across campus,” tells of the increasing popularity across USC of this European style of transportation. The obvious parking discrepancy on campus is leading to more students investing in the cross between a scooter and motorcycle to decrease parking stress and save money on gasoline.

Housing plans favor freshmen with changes

Centralized campus benefits new students It was reported Friday that Director of USC Housing Administration Joe Fortune indicated that first-year students would no longer be placed in facilities like the Roost. This is a much needed improvement. Can you imagine walking to and from the Roost, Bates House or Bates West to campus several times a day? A one-way trek from Russell House to Bates House is more than half a mile, and the same one-way trek to the Roost is almost three-quarters of a mile. Don't forget the walk to campus is almost completely uphill.

Social graces play large role in future career

Job opportunities depend on high EQ Last Thursday, Ginny Mackin, Duke Energy's chief communications officer, delivered a lecture as a part of USC's "Executives-in-Residence" series that left me extremely perplexed. Her discussion was based on her theory, or "secret weapon," of emotional intelligence. The lecture had me thinking, Doesn't everyone know this?

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