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Traci Neal, a USC alumni and NY Times published writer delivers some slam poetry during the UniVerse Popcorn & Poetry event on Jan. 26, 2022. First Lady Patricia Harris-Pastides, creator of UniVERSE, was in attendance during the event.

UniVERSE initiative shares poetry through campus-wide efforts, events

The UniVERSE initiative promotes the embrace of poetry from USC students, faculty and staff to bring the campus community together. First Lady Patricia Moore-Pastides created UniVERSE to soothe divisions from the COVID-19 pandemic and political discourse, and allow members of the USC community a creative outlet.

'There is more talent that is available than what is reflected': Gender inequality remains in business world, at Darla Moore School of Business

The world of business is a male-dominated industry, and the Darla Moore School of Business at USC is predominantly male. One study found that views on sexism against men are still a common element in MBA programs, and experts and industry professionals say this is a cause of bias and a lack of diversity in leadership.