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Periphery evolves sound in new album

With interesting and exciting twists and a heightened performance by the band’s vocalist, Spencer Sotelo, “Periphery III” is a great progression of the iconic sound Periphery has developed throughout their career.

Ten years after the release of "Little Miss Sunshine," few films are able to capture the quirk and ingenuity of this unique movie.

Iconic works celebrate 10-year anniversaries

Although many of us are adults in college, it is sometimes easy to forget that we are in or nearing the second decade of our lives. Here are some iconic works from our childhoods that will become one decade old this year. Take a trip down memory lane.

"The Comedy Button" is a podcast hosted by five guys from different entertainment companies, who use their wit and their experiences to make a hilarious improv show.

4 podcasts to suit your ranging needs

Podcasts are a great form of entertainment when you are traveling or relaxing that require minimal effort on your part. Here are four very different podcasts that cover a variety of topics.