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Competition over body image is unhealthy

Several weeks ago, a physically fit mom by the name of Maria Kang took heat for posting a picture of herself and her three children with a caption that read, “What’s your excuse?” This picture captured national attention and 20,000 comments, sparking a debate as to the message it sends women and young girls.

In Our Opinion: University should observe Veterans Day

In observance of Veterans Day on Monday, the city of Columbia hosted a parade down Sumter Street to honor those among us who have served in the military. USC, on the other hand, did not plan or put on any Veterans Day events.

In Our Opinion: Lott's accusations warrant more information

In a rather bizarre news conference held yesterday, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott accused one particular club — The Library — of being the epicenter of Five Points’ gang problems. Suggesting that a single establishment propagates the entirety of Five Points’ gang activity seems outlandish to us.

CPD ought to reevaluate their priorities

“We will work on finding you.” This isn’t the opening to Taken, this is a threat made by Interim Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago, via the official Columbia Police Department Facebook page, to a marijuana legalization advocate. Over the weekend, the Columbia Police Department completed a drug bust in which eight pounds of marijuana were seized.

Internet's fitness resources provide added workout effectiveness

If you didn’t catch the paper yesterday, here’s the big headline: USC is a top nationally ranked university in health and fitness. As someone who regularly takes advantage of the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center and the tennis courts and soccer fields on campus, this didn’t surprise me.