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Preventative treatment a mixed blessing

Being a woman in America, I have been offered so many different options for preventative medicine in my life. There are Gardisil shots for preventing cervical cancer, or birth control for pregnancy prevention and, of course, the average flu vaccine.

In Our Opinion: Clowney saga shows need for better communication

Is the sky falling for our Gamecocks as we watch Jadeveon Clowney’s legacy tarnish after sitting out Saturday without warning coach Steve Spurrier? Probably not, but that’s what the likes of ESPN want you to think. A miscommunication like that between a high-profile player and his notoriously outspoken coach is the kind of story that sports journalists live for, but we can be thankful that most of the reporting was a bit sensational. Unfortunately, one facet of the story is dead on: the concerning lack of communication.

Donations to unique programs have lasting effect

Pharmacy students don’t usually get much attention for their leadership. With a strenuous course load and a packed curriculum, they’re often confined to their studies, but Donna Walker was an exception. Before she became a marketing and pharmaceutical sales executive, she studied pharmacy at USC, served as a student senator and interned with then-U.S.

In Our Opinion: Parents Weekend gives good look at campus life

Hello parents, and welcome to USC. Rest assured, the tuition you’ve spent has not been in vain. Despite the flashbacks to your own college days of varying rambunctiousness, perhaps triggered by the many nights of unanswered texts to your child, we can assure that great things are indeed happening at USC.

Football not just a man's game

Football is a man’s world, or so says our culture. From birth, it seems little girls may only enter this world with pom-poms in hand or a bow in their hair, cheering on their male counterparts, who dominate the realm of sports media.

Country's censorship incongruous, flawed

Miley Cyrus has dominated pop culture lately with her tantalizing MTV Video Music Awards performance, fascinating tweets and, most recently, an interview with Rolling Stone, in which she questions America’s censorship policy.