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In Our Opinion: Honor the past by maintaining its precedent

Until 1963, black students weren’t allowed to enroll at USC. It wasn’t until Sept. 11 that year — 50 years ago today — that Robert Anderson, James Solomon and Henrie Monteith Treadwell came to campus and walked out of Osborne as the first black students at USC since Reconstruction.

Mopeds, motorcycles need to stay off the sidewalks

A steadily growing problem, not unlike the cycling woes of pedestrians in the past, has become quite evident this semester as students continue to use sidewalks as moped lanes. One needs only to walk the short distance between Thomas Cooper Library and Russell House to see the ever-increasing number of mopeds incorrectly parked at bike racks in front of both buildings. There are rows of Taotaos and Vespas taking up the spaces bicycles should be occupying, according to campus parking policy. The Parking Services web page states, “Motorcycles and motor scooters must have a valid permit to park on campus.

Large ruling bodies not a catalyst for prosperity

I’d like to respond to Morgan Lowder’s letter to the editor in last Thursday’s paper, titled, “Big government can be conducive to progress.” In short: no, it can’t. Let’s first look at big government and its effect on the economy.

Congress mustn't worry about Syrian affairs

Now that the people have said that we definitely don’t want to get involved in Syria, the two parties have managed to put aside their differences and come together to make sure that we get in there as soon as possible.

Letter to the Editor: Government is conducive to progress

With the rising popularity of libertarian, ‘Leave me alone, government!’ political rhetoric, it is important to make the case that large government is not necessarily a bad thing. Hearing the words big and government put together in the same sentence is a scary sound for most Americans.