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Farewell letter from editor-in-chief

After four years of working at The Daily Gamecock, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never seen me. While I admire the newspaper reporter’s adventurous spirit — searching for truth, meeting new people, sharing their stories — I prefer to work behind the scenes, often doing the job that only gets noticed when it isn’t done right.

Reality television damaging to US reputation

It seems like pointing out the obvious to comment on the senseless nature of reality TV, but somehow TV shows that follow the lives of children in pageants, teenage moms or blue-collar jobs are all people can talk about.

Rise in stereotyping isolates too many citizens

Unfair blame after terrorist attacks breeds mistrust within community On Sunday, New York Rep. Peter King went on Meet the Press and discussed the Muslim community in America with the U.S.’s first Muslim congressman, Rep.

New sex education bill long overdue

SC must adjust archaic, unreasonable curriculum Katelyn Campbell has a very interesting story. Her West Virginia High School hosted a speech on the general topic of sex education by a conservative speaker, Pam Stenzel.

CISPA threatens Americans' privacy

Americans have a fundamental right to an expectation of privacy. But if CISPA passes, then the government can easily gain access to citizens’ private online communication.