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Second-year journalism student Sydney Dunlap poses on top of a newspaper rack on Jan. 8, 2023. Dunlap was appointed as the Daily Gamecock's 2023 editor-in-chief. 

Letter from the editor: Take on the unknown

The Daily Gamecock's 2023 Editor-in-Chief Sydney Dunlap reflects on what it means to take on the role. "I hope you’ll allow your nerves to fuel you instead of scare you, because taking on the unknown means growing into the best version of yourself," Dunlap writes. "And I hope we can do it together."

Guest column: Student Body President Reedy Newton encourages growth ahead of spring semester

"The new year is a chance to set goals, whether they be academic, physical or social. I want to encourage you to use this semester as a new beginning — a clean slate with new schedules, new classes and new adventures to be had," Student Body President Reedy Newton writes in her guest column. "Soak in every moment of this semester as it will pass by in the blink of an eye."