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Racial injustice at USC

Editorial: Objectivity on racism is complicity

The Daily Gamecock rejects racism and police brutality in all of its many forms, and stands in solidarity with the black lives that continue to face prejudice and aggressions in innumerable ways. Read our editorial.

Dear White Friends: A passionate letter pleading for change

It’s time for change. Read Garnet & Black managing editor Taylor Jennings-Brown’s letter here. 

"My white friends, do you know what it’s like to wonder why you are hated? No, you yourself may not hate me but I am indeed hated. I am hated because of the way that I look. I am hated because of the power within me that is mistaken for aggression. I am hated because my people have been oppressed, degraded, and torn apart at the seams for generations and I demand reparations," she writes.

Letter to the editor: UofSC must do better

Read former WUSC station manager Samira Nematollahi's letter.

"The University of South Carolina has not done enough and has not given me the assurance that it will work towards doing enough for its Black students," she writes.

The latest:

Public forum on university history discusses changing building names

Protester Clarence Turner stands in front of South Carolina's state capital wearing a T-shirt reading "SAY HER NAME Breonna Taylor" and a facemask with the BLM symbol and the phrase "I Can't Breathe" in support of George Floyd.
Protester Clarence Turner stands in front of South Carolina's state capital wearing a T-shirt reading "SAY HER NAME Breonna Taylor" and a facemask with the BLM symbol and the phrase "I Can't Breathe" in support of George Floyd.

Black Lives Matter South Carolina hosts rally for Black women

Shortly after the Breonna Taylor verdict was announced, there were rallies nationwide to express disapproval. South Carolinians gathered at the Statehouse and said the police in the case should've been charged with murder.

USC announces release of diversity-focused training module for students

BLM South Carolina, Richland County Sheriff's Department announce partnership

Rep. Jim Clyburn delivers comments on student activism following BLM march Friday

Students respond to man protesting against BLM on Greene Street

Julian Williams continues activism as USC's first vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion

Julian Williams calls for USC students to challenge themselves to "de-normalize racism, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, etc." As the new vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion, he plans to work with students and administration to make USC a more inclusive and welcoming campus. Read the full feature.

Caslen, university leaders hold town hall to address on-campus diversity, COVID-19 concerns

In USC's most recent town hall, Julian Williams said he plans to address diversity on campus in three steps: getting those in marginalized groups to the university, having diverse and inclusive opportunities when they arrive and engaging with Columbia as a whole. Read the full recap here.

Thousands of people have supported petitions to get controversial building names on the USC campus changed. The Board of Trustees is having a meeting to discuss the names but students want to see action. News 4's Spencer Buckler has more.

Board of trustees recap: Board of trustees asks general assembly to rename Sims residence hall, 2021 budget approved

During its June 19 meeting, the board of trustees voted unanimously on a resolution to ask the general assembly to rename the Sims residence hall, which is currently named for J. Marion Sims, a USC alumnus who conducted medical experiments on enslaved African American women and children without anesthesia. Read the full meeting recap here.

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Students, alumni call for repeal of Heritage Act

Sims residence hall falls under the Heritage Act, which forbids public memorials for war, historical figures or events to be removed. The community is calling for the act to be repealed so buildings around campus can be renamed.

Students demand greater diversity, inclusion on campus

Students are leading the charge in demanding change at the university, starting with the renaming of buildings on campus. USC has the potential for change, they say, but needs to become more diverse and inclusive to achieve it. Read more.

How to report hate speech on social media

Both users and non-users can report hate speech on social media platforms and to the university — here's how.

SGTV & The Daily Gamecock report on local protests:

Hundreds of protestors gathered to protest the murder of George Floyd at the Columbia "I Can't Breathe" Rally on Saturday. Some protestors turned a peaceful protest into a violent one. SGTV's Ward Jolles has the story.

"I Can't Breathe" Rally Turns Violent

Hundreds of protestors gathered to protest the murder of George Floyd at Columbia's "I Can't Breathe" rally on May 30. Some protestors marched to the police station, where two police cars were burned. Read The Daily Gamecock's coverage here.

Peaceful protesters call for oversight, justice in third day of protests

People gathered outside the Statehouse for a “Die-In” on June 1 where protesters laid on the ground for nine minutes and chanted “I can’t breathe,” the last words of George Floyd who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. Read more.

After a week of protesting for an end to racial injustice, demonstrations in Columbia continue and protestors say they won't stop until changes are made. SGTV's Ward Jolles was on the scene today as protestors delivered their demands at the Governor's mansion and at the state house.

Black Lives Matter Protests Continue

Demonstrations in Columbia continued a week later and protestors delivered their demands at the Governor's Mansion and Statehouse. Read The Daily Gamecock's coverage of the June 5 protest here.

USC students lead protests, reform in Bluffton, SC

Even in our state’s smaller communities, that struggle can be seen through local protest organizing. USC students Walter Wheeler and Desiree Bailey have been leading the fight for change their hometown of Bluffton since their senior year of high school and are now advocating to change the name of Calhoun Street in Bluffton.

USC investigates AAAS Zoom-bombing:

Association of African American Students' annual cookout hacked on Zoom with racist slurs

On the night of April 24, the AAAS cookout, held virtually over Zoom, was hacked with racist slurs, images and curse words. Read about the initial incident here.

Association of African American Students hosts follow-up call in wake of racist hacking

USC acknowledged the Zoom-bombing quickly, and several statements of support were released on Twitter by administration and student groups. A follow-up call was hosted where Caslen said USCPD was launching a criminal investigation and the IT department was working with Zoom to track down the offenders.

'It didn’t feel real': USC becomes victim of racist 'Zoom-bombing,' community responds

Black students shared their anger and frustration with the situation, especially during an event many considered a "safe space." However, those on the Zoom-bombed call said the support from the community was "very encouraging."

Brief: AAAS Zoom-bombing 'not likely' members of USC community, according to USCPD

USC closed the Zoom-bombing investigation in July, and an email to students on July 24 said it was "not likely" the individuals who hacked the event were students, and evidence indicated they could be from Europe.


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