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 The USC Dance Company presents "Excavating Movement" at the Koger Center. This performance features works from renowned choreographers José Limón, Antony Tudor and Rosy Simas. 

The USC Department of Dance welcomes April in style

The University of South Carolina Department of Dance welcomed April in style with its production, "Excavating Movement," which took place at the Koger Center on Thursday. The production featured three works that ranged from classical ballet, modern ballet and even improvisational dance. 

Playlist: April Showers

Get a head start on the gloomy days of spring with this playlist. Dance in the rain with Joji, Lolawolf and A$AP Rocky. 

Playlist: Groundbreaking women in music

This playlist features just some of the incredible female artists that have elevated the music industry as a whole. From talents such as Stevie Nicks and Aretha Franklin, tune in to end women's history month with some of the many musical trailblazers.

Review: Exclusivity is appeal of Clubhouse

The up-and-coming app Clubhouse is expanding its user base little by little through an invitation-only sign-up system. With its emphasis on exclusivity and interactive participation, this app is one you want to be a part of.

Playlist: Windows Down

Sometimes, the drive is more fun than the destination. These feel-good songs, featuring Tame Impala and Beach Fossils, will help make your drive worthwhile. All you need to do is roll down the windows and crank up the volume.

Riz Ahmed stars as Ruben in 'The Sound of Metal' (2019). The film has been nominated for six Oscars.

Review: 'Sound of Metal' plays to sadness, hope of humanity

With an incredible performance by up and coming star, Riz Ahmed, at its helm, the 'Sound of Metal' plays loudly to the heart and pain of the world in a beautiful way. This unique story of tragedy and the hope that can be found within it now has six Oscar nominations.