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Column: Marvel getting serious about gaming

Marvel is taking steps to make great video games centered around their famous characters with new deals with Insomniac, Telltale, Capcom and Square Enix. If they continue on this path, the future for comic book video games looks very bright.

Column: We need fewer games

The mobile and PC gaming markets are flooded with a staggering amount of games, many of which are incredibly low quality,  which a consumer must sift through to find what he or she wants. Now, the historically tight console markets are starting to go down the same path.

The Nintendo Switch is meant for both home and portable play, with a main unit that includes a screen with capacitive touch. (Nintendo of America)

Column: Nintendo walking on thin ice

There are high stakes involved with Nintendo's upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, and so far the company hasn't done a wonderful job at establishing their place in the market.