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Criticism of NCAA rule is completely valid

Over the weekend, the outspoken owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, had a few sharp words for the NBA’s rule requiring players to be at least 19 and a year removed from high school before they can be eligible to play in the league.

Column: Religion is basis, not excuse, for hate

Obviously, most people of faith aren’t bigots. But those who decide to take their religious texts literally aren’t misusing faith. On the contrary, they’re the ones who accept all of the tenants of faith without question.

Letter: Fox News justified in criticism of USC textbook choice

This letter is in response to a letter published by The Daily Gamecock on Tuesday headlined “USC staffer unfairly criticized on Fox News.” To the individual who wrote this letter: There are many statements you presented as fact that cause me to question your historical knowledge of the nation that has afforded you an opportunity to educate yourself at this wonderful university.

Column: Students must fight for their convictions

Courage is an underlying theme that has resonated at the University of South Carolina this year. We are marking the 50th anniversary of the desegregation of our campus, and the Carolina Leadership Initiative is joining this effort with the third annual President’s Leadership Dialogue.

Column: Everyone's worldview deserves respect

I’m an atheist. I’d never considered this to be a bold statement, until I moved to South Carolina. Growing up in a scientifically minded family, God was never a topic of conversation at the dinner table. My parents didn’t discourage religion — I went to Sunday school for a couple of months — but besides seeing my friend once a week and getting to be in the nativity, as a child I never really liked church.

Column: Intervention in Ukraine should be avoided

If we learned nothing else from the last half-century, we should have learned that interfering in the revolutions of other countries is both expensive and ineffective. And while we pay the price in tax dollars that could instead be used to improve the lives of Americans, the citizens of Ukraine pay for our international political games in blood.