Jenna Schiferl

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Column: An ode to mom jeans

02/05/2017 10:07am

Mom jeans are empowering, and they’re pretty much the most comfortable piece of denim that will ever grace your thighs.

Voices from Columbia's Women's Rally

01/22/2017 6:47pm

Thousands of people gathered at the Statehouse one day post-inauguration to demonstrate support of the Women's March on Washington D.C.

Voices from Columbia's Ghostlight Project

01/22/2017 5:36pm

Trustus Theatre and Longstreet Theatre hosted the Ghostlight Project on Thursday night. It is a nationwide event that promotes inclusivity and tolerance.

Head to Head: Is 'Westworld' worth the hype?

11/30/2016 7:30pm

Recently released television series “Westworld” has been incredibly successful and has had high viewership and positive viewer response. But is it worth watching?

ArtBreak celebrates Native American history and Catawba pottery

11/02/2016 9:34pm

The ArtBreak Lecture series at the Columbia Museum of Art will host an event discussing Catawba pottery and traditions on Nov. 8. Brent Burgin, an archivist at USC Lancaster, will speak at the event to share his interpretation of different pottery pieces.

4 simple, last-minute Halloween costumes

10/26/2016 8:04pm

Are you in need of a costume this Halloween but you don't have any ideas? Here is a list of some unique costume ideas that are simple and easy to recreate.