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Five great albums that flow from start to finish

In today's music industry, the concept of albums is beginning to fade as artists move towards singles instead. These five albums, ranging from 1971 to 2016, showcase the idea that the full and complete album is an important part of music.

Artists gather at Indie South Fair in Columbia

The Indie South Fair brought in various artists and vendors from around the surrounding areas who make imagination reality with their hands and minds, giving students the opportunity to take time off work and enjoy and buy a variety of art pieces.

300 dpi Val B. Mina  color illustration of young person sitting on floor with face hidden by arms. The Sacramento Bee 2008

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4 helpful tips to block study stress

When the study blues have you down, where do you turn to refresh your mind and trudge through the busywork of school? Try these tips to put your brain to work after a quick refresher.